CrossFit Northwest Paterna offers different classes related with our CrossFit experience and formation.


CrossFit: 12 people (max) group class: you will recieve a very personal attention. Each class starts with a warm-up, some time to learn/practice a skill, the workout and the cool-down.

Power CrossFit: It is a CrossFit class aimed to gain more power. Usually we work with heavier loads. PowerCF is specially design for rugby players, sprinters, low power athletes that want to improve their explosivity (long distance athletes). Anyway, everybody can join and try this class. It is very fun. Highly recommendable!

CrossFit 2.0: It is a class especially designed for crossfitters interested in compete in CrossFit. The programming is different from the other CorssFit classes. With this program we can increase our strenght and skills. It is the best option for all crossfitters interested in lift heavier loads and improve their gymnastics skills.

OpenBox: It is an hour of free workout. Our coaches are always around in order to guarantee the safety of all the crossfitters. It is a great time to improve your skills and work on your weaknesses, or just workout!


This classes are very personalized because there are only 5 people. We guarantee the highiest personal attention.

NorthWest 169MobilityWOD: We were the first Box in Spain which a Physical Therapist gives this class. Our coaches have the Certification in MobilityWOD, by Kelly Starret.

MobilityWOD helps you to improve your joint and muscle mobility. This will help you to improve your perfomance and minimize the risk of injury.

547850_10200967039088598_1368831020_nGymnasticWOD: In this class we will improve our gymnastic skills.. You will learn new gymnastic movements, some of them related with CrossFit. Furthermore, in GymnasticWOD we will work on your flexibility, too. It is a very dynamic class.NorthWest 106

Olympic lifting: You will learn/improve your lifting skills . It is very important and usefull to develop a good technique to be able to increase your  rep max and your CrossFit performance. We will work on your power output.


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